Friday, 13 October 2017

J o r a h   C a l d e r

The boy who cried a million tears

Species: Näck. Water Fae

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Hornavan, Sweden 

Name: Jorah CalderNicknames: Näcken, Nökken, The Nock, Spelkarln, Merboy, Merman, Water Sprite, Selkie, Fish Sticks

Height: 5'6

Weight: 6 kilograms

Likes: People, cats, trees, water, fairies, insects, nature

Dislikes: Control, sadness, rejection

Relationship status: Currently in a relationship with a fiery Wild Beast


Neseva, an odd girl who talks a  l o t.

Cassius, a beast in man's skin and the fire in Jorah's heart.

Nykk, a large, white, horse Jorah ones cared for until the day of its death.

Lo, a Lynx tasked to guard the Näck as he has no body for, nor knowledge of, violence.

aesthetic courtesy of Foxy


The thick mist rolls in through the woods and out on the mighty lake. The air turns ashen white and

 all walk blindly astray. This is the land of the mist fae, mystical wisps that clouds the air and leads 

men and animals alike from their paths to certain demise. But this time, the woods have had enough. 

No longer will they be feared for the actions of faeries, so they hold council. And a decision is made.

 From the silt between the roots at the shore of the lake crawls a creature forth. Sculpted by the trees,

 painted by the moon, given life by the water, and heart by the sun, the Näcken is the first and only of his kin. 

A water sprite tasked with keeping the faes at bay, he sits near the shore each morning 

to play his music to still the raging mist. No longer are the woods feared and man can once again settle down

 in this silent paradise.

Jorah is very unique in the way he's the only one of his kind. He doesn't know how he came to be, but he's lived in relative solitude since the dawn of human society in Scandinavia. Throughout the centuries he has seen people come and go, and during all that time he's kept the world of the mortals, and the world of magic apart. At any cost.

Unfortunately to keep the two worlds apart, the fae had to go to extreme means to protect the realms from each other. Which included a lot of bloodshed. Whereas the wilder fairies could be contained by the sound of music, the humans seemed to always find their way towards the magical as if moths to a flame.

However Jorah came to be, he was gifted and cursed with a hunger for flesh. Including human. Which causes him quite a lot of grief as he adores humans.More so than fairies because he admires their curiosity.

In modern day, Jorah resides in an unfinished cottage at the beaches of lake Hornavan in Sweden. Though he spends most of his time in the water.

He recently started wearing clothes, but he's still not used to them and often tries to avoid wearing clothes when possible. His favourite fashion choice is pants. Nothing more. Just pants.

Being technically a pure magic construct, Jorah can appear and reappear wherever if he concentrates enough. Though he must be familiar with the target location.

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